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Fort Knox, top secret

Fort Knox is one of the most protected buildings in the world, guards the immense wealth of the United States and is directly related to gold. But… Does it save enough wealth to destabilize the global currency market?

In July 2007 the US banks begin to have a number of problems that derived in economic crisis that will drag the world into the worst recession since the 30s. During the next four years, the price of gold reach the $ 2,000 per ounce, the highest price of the history. The value of gold attracted the attention of many journalists and citizens about the secret gold deposits kept by the government of the United States, located at Denver, West Point, New York and Fort Knox, the latter being the biggest of all reserves. These deposits have a unbreakable security. It’s easier to get the blueprints of a nuclear weapon than get a reliable data on the quantities of gold that are saved in these places.


Gold is the greatest asset that owns the United States; for example the military who go abroad often carry gold coins, since this material is the universal money and determines the value of currencies, interest rates and the price of government bonds. These are the reasons why gold It is so controlled.

The origin of the gold reserves of the United States it dates back to 1933, when Franklin D. Roosevelt outlawed private ownership of gold to the citizens in order to revive the economy after the Great Depression. Roosevelt realized that the only way to get the country out of this crisis was the nationalization of gold. This way, the Federal Government would control the money. Under surveillance military, and supported by local sheriffs, the citizens were forced to surrender their coins and gold bullion; whoever hid its gold properties risked to pay large fines or spend ten years in prison. Gold reserves were up to 5,000 tons and were cast in ingots from 12,5 kg. A year later, Roosevelt raised the price of gold at $ 35 an ounce, and in less than twenty four months, the US President had reached the highest concentration of wealth in modern history. To keep it, he decided to build the fortress best protected in the country: Fort Knox.

Rumors of war forced build this fortress inside the country and not in coastal cities like New York or Philadelphia, as they could be attacked in any time, by this circumstance, the camera is built in Kentucky. Is said, in informal settings, that the decision was influenced by the legend of a settler named Jonathan Swift, who hid a gold treasure in a secret location from this area to keep pirates could find it.

The fortress is located next to the military base at Fort Knox, where tanks and weapons are a deterrent for those one who think to steal the US’s gold. Military units from Fort Knox are available at all times in case the fortress is attacked. It is one of the safest areas in the United States, with a perimeter of four consecutive fences and a meadow of 90 meters around the area. The windows are fake and are made of kevlar and steel. The guards who monitor the installation have a perfect view to fire their weapons at any time.

According to speculation, if someone manages to outwit the security perimeter, reaches the armored vault door and tries to force it, automatically it’s ejected a deterrent gas to disorienting the thief and the chamber begins to flood. There are also tunnels to exit the vault as a precaution in case the system of flood is activated.

According to official data treasure, the wealth of Fort Knox reaches the amount of 147.3 million ounces, worth billions of US dollars, surpassing gold reserves of China, Japan, Switzerland, Russia and Saudi Arabia together.


fn1 Mary Brooks in the Fort Knox

Only an order from US President can open the fortress of Fort Knox, and the latest report about it dates since 1953.
In September 23th of 1974, and due to gold changes initiated by Richard Nixon after some problems diplomats with French President Charles de Gaulle, the Director of the US Mint, Mary Brooks, came into Fort Knox with a number of legislators and media communication carefully selected to make a half-hour visit to the facilities where the vault was. Photographic and television cameras recorded a roomful of gold. Attendees suspected that the fortress, room and gold bars they were taught were a fake. And they say that the gold bars didn’t weighed 12 kg and a half, just much less.


The fortress of Fort Knox has been used not only to hold the reservation of the world’s largest gold, it’s just that it has also saved the most important documents of the United States as the Declaration of Independence or Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg. During World War II, many countries saved their treasures in Fort Knox for not being looted by the Nazis, as the Hungarian crown of St. Stephen. Also have been stored chemicals as anticipation of a possible war, as well as opium, analgesics and all kinds of drugs. Could be these materials prepared for a nuclear war that could have started during the Cold War?

The secrecy surrounding Fort Knox rouses theories about its content. Some theories affirm that the function of the fortress can go beyond being a gold reserve. The few information and the strict security measures that guard the place cause that the most conspiranoids start to create hypotheses about what is stored in this fortress. Maybe someday the truth about Fort Knox could be known, the great reserve of gold that has the US…

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Published by the day 2016/04/05




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