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Electronic voice phenomenon

Psychics and their influence on the EVP

The history of the EVP usually begins with the history of man photo, Friedrich Jürgenson, when presumably and by “chance“, get what you identified as voice of deceased persons. However, knowing life of this man, soon we realize that was related with esoteric topics, and the possibility from “conduct a controlled experiment to get the voice of the deceased willfully” comes alive

fiedrich jurguenson
Friedrich Jürgenson

Friedrich Jürgenson could, after participating in numerous sessions related to the psyche, have developed its own potential?

As I said on many occasions, the paranormal voices is not only the enigma of their origin (Of the dead, beings from other dimensions close to ours or our own mind). We still have too much work and research until we find evidence of his origin, but what seems more than evident is that we are dealing with an intelligent phenomenon, since often these voices respond in real time and even calling by our own name. Precisely for this casuistry, it seems unlikely the origin is our own mind.

The author of the article in its research laboratory

But what concerns me and development in this Article is why some researchers get many more recordings than others, higher quality and easily understood and situations in which have been obtained.

Some years ago when EVP investigation began, few researchers made a direct relationship between obtained registration and recording media, saying they were obtained best voices in a recorder of higher quality, this theory, even today, it gets in doubt. I remember I made my first recording on a conventional tape recorder and remember as a child voice was recorded answering my question during a ouija session.

But the high-quality recorders should not be rejected. It seems than the phenomenon It has been adapted to current times to support the use of modern equipment for experimentation. When you change your recording device, often it takes a longer time or less prolonged depending on factors unknown to us, in record new EVP.

Clearly a device that captures a wider range of frequencies will have more chances of getting a good record that one of lower quality and more limited, but it was precisely as a result of obtaining this EVP record in a humble recorder what made me investigate the factors to improve the quality of the EVP.

Throughout these years dedicated to work around the TCI, I have to say I do not consider myself a collector of EVP, not even myself among those researchers, (some of them so-called “researchers”, who boast of hundreds or thousands of records). It is true that the quantity and quality depends on different factors and recommending experimenting with different electronic media high quality, but it is inevitable think that there are more things that influence us as experimenters.

It is logical that the first factor necessary for the recordings EVP is the willingness to dialogue. That is, for get a EVP it must exist a will on the part of the origin and sincere will of the experimenter.


Throughout my research on EVP, i discovered the high rate of high-quality recordings when recording during a session of Ouija board and I began to associate this practice with psicofónico result.

The Ouija board is nothing more than a system of predisposition of our mind for possible communication with “another reality“, a system for us to enter in one modified state of consciousness, a practice in which one of the participants channels the energy of “something” that communicates with him and with the other participants.

But these conclusions are not only mine, people who have a long experimentation in Ouija board or parapsychology think the same: The psychic ability of people is the switch that opens the way for EVP recordings, and the more developed is more intelligible and noticing the increase of the recordings.

Therefore, the relationship between best quantity and quality records will be given in proportion to psychic ability of the researcher. However, for capturing EVP it is not necessary to be medium, but remember that we are all potential mediums, although some people have this capacity much more developed than others.

The Ouija board sessions, spiritism in general or any practice where our psychic potential manifested are ideal and and facilitates recording these voices.

Many of the researchers they get large number of records must ask themselves what their psychic abilities and how to influence them.

Likewise, once practically we have accepted this theory to investigate, besides taking into account the number of registered factors in the completed forms for EVP investigation, it would be interesting include mood, our own predisposition and all our state in general, as it is an interesting recommendation that you can give us answers.

Knowing this theory , and knowing that Jurguenson had contact with the esoteric world… his mind was predisposed for obtaining EVP´s?

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Published by the day 2016/02/29




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