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The strange UFO incident Allagash

Allagash is a town located in Aroostook County in northern Maine ( USA). It currently has 242 inhabitants and has always been a town where reigned peace and tranquility. But this apparent harmony was partially altered during the month of August 1976.

A group of four men formed by Jack and Jim Weiner, Charlie Foltz and Chuck Rak brothers had gone camping for two weeks to know the wild nature surrounding Allagash. They thought their experience was going to be unique and, of course, it would be…


The first two days had passed smoothly, but on the second night an event would mark the lives of the four men. At midnight, while they were at base camp, Jim Weiner spotted in the night’s sky, a strange shining object. His companions looked at the sky and were witness an unusual brown object with a very powerful light that broke the quiet of the night. They did not give much importance to that because they thought it was an atmospheric phenomenon or even the planet Mars.

Chuck Rak took binoculars and saw that it was not a star, it was something unknown. Suddenly, that object faded and disappeared from the sight of the four men. They did not give importance to the incident and continued their successive days of camp, fishing, canoing and stargazing at nights.

However, the August 20 they moved the camp to the shores of Eagle Lake to fishing there at night. When night fell, they created a bonfire on the shore to orient because of darkness, took the canoe and introduced into the lake . Again, tranquility would be altered. Chuck Rak, located at the rear of the canoe, warned loudly to his companions, that turned to see how a huge glowing sphere rose from the trees and was directed toward the position where they were.

That object stopped 90 meters from them, and the four men decided to light it with a flashlight to see how was the reaction of that object. At that moment, the object displayed to them a strong light : the object wanted to communicate with the four companions. Frightened, they rowed as fast as they could to the shore and, again, the mysterious object disappeared.

They came exhausted  to the base camp. All they wanted was sleep and forget this unusual experience. The fire that they had done for the orientation had almost consumed, suggesting that the incident lasted several hours.


The four companions spent six more days in the wild around Allagash, but they never saw those strange phenomena again. When they returned home, they told their experience to their families, but they did not believe them. Undoubtedly, the problems were coming…

For several years, the unforgettable experience remained on the mind of the witnesses. In 1980, Jim Weiner had a car accident and one of the consequences was  that he began to have seizures and, after that, began to have horrible nightmares. In his nightmares there were humanoids around his bed doing all sorts of experiments with his body using instruments that Jim had never seen .

Jim Weiner kept in secret his nightmares, but one day, he told them to his brother Jack, and his answer puzzled him: his brother was having the same nightmares. No one knew what was happening, and Jim Weiner’s health was getting worse, so the two brothers decided to go to UFO researcher Ray Fowler for answers.

Fowler took seriously the events narrated by the Weiner brothers and decided to hold a session of regressive hypnosis, with Dr. John Mack, to the four witnesses to clarify the events that caused these terrible nightmares. During the hypnosis session, they told to the doctors several unconscious memories about the experience lived around Allagash in August 1976. They told that they had been uploaded to this strange object when bright light shininged in the canoe began to appear. Having risen to this object, they were lying on a bed, where anthropomorphic criatures , like grey humanoids, began to experiment with their bodies. Then, they were manipulated to not remember anything of what happened inside the object. The scene that came to light during the regressive hypnosis was the reason of the nightmares of brothers Weiner.

For the four men that years ago went camping in the wilderness of Allagash, there was no doubt: they had been abducted that night.

People who deny the reality of the incident Allagash say the four men were influenced by some psychotropic substance or movies about aliens. These people say that the nightmares that had Jim Weiner was due to epilepsis suffered after a car accident, and that dreams are simple fantasies of human. The truth is that the event that happened in this town in Maine (USA) is related to hundreds of cases where people speak of abductions and experiments by strangers nonhumans.

The incident Allagash is one of the most potent cases of ufology, in which the testimonies of the four men who had an unusual experience are coincident. It confirms that many people have had an encounter with the unknown, although there is insufficient evidence to show that there are people who are kidnapped by something beyond our reason. The evidence presented by the Allagash case are four men that were submited to a regressive hypnosis, gave similar descriptions and could not understand what happened that night, when they suffered an event that will change their lives.

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Published by the day 2016/04/06




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